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Lock-down, Corona And Comics


Due to Corona’s havoc, it has become a big challenge for parents to keep children in the walls of the house amidst a nationwide lock-down, but their problems are being shared on social media and comics playing a pivotal role here as many online apps and publications providing free books so people can overcome this situation to some extent.

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Companies like Amazon Kindle (Prime) providing 100 classic graphic novels/comics and Amar Chitra Katha offering free subscription for 1 month, so kids at home can spend some time in the dreamy world and explore their creative side. (Read more about… Free Comics)

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Corona-virus kept the children away from the playground. Friends, Kids and Family Members are getting bored watching the same cartoon/series on TV and other OTT platforms again and again. The lock-down is wooing children in the comics world, which includes characters like Phantom, Chacha Chaudhary, Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv.

Government imposed 21 day lock-down nationwide to prevent the spread of corona-virus infection. People are sharing comics like Chacha Chaudhary, Pinky, Nagraj, Indrajal, Champak and Lotpot on WhatsApp and children are enjoying these comics too. The glorious days are back in the digital format, however unknowingly they become the carrier of “Piracy”. The comics industry incurred hefty losses due to pirated websites hosting, free comics from different publishers. Yes, the publication which was stopped production can be available over the internet in digital format to preserve the historic legacy of “Indian Comics Industry” but sharing PDF’s are totally illegal.

The good thing about this event is after the lock-down, the interest might be there and can lead a big boost up with the demand of comic books. Comics Byte always recommend buy and read policy. So which issues are you picking after the lock-down? We are giving some links of the current comic book publishers in India. Do check it guys!

List Of Publication Houses (India):

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