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Corona से Fight “करोना”!! – An Initiative By Comix Theory and Comics Byte


By Shambhu Nath Mahto

Are you frustrated being at home? Want to get out? Want to become a Villain?
Are you happy being at home? Don’t want to get out? Want to become a Hero?

Presenting the first of kind “STAY IN HOME SUPERHERO … HEALTHY BOY” !!!!! Who can fight corona virus and Bactria just by staying at his home!!Healthy – Boy is your only “be like him” bro!

Shambhu Nath Mahto PRESENTS a comics “FIGHT KARONA” on how to kill corona virus by just staying at home! and here is the fun spoiler: He is not alone, There are lots of heroes and superheroes and one of them is “YOU” !

Here is your chance to become a stay in home superhero send your stay in home funny mantras and get featured!!

How you can get featured: Take a selfie of your stay in home style and send with your mantra of happy stay in home to share with the world to this Email id : [email protected]
Here is the sneak peak poster of it! Take a look.

Source: Shambhu Nath Mahto
  • Also some posters which you can share to spread awareness!!
  • Visit our site every alternate day to read the FIGHT “KARONA“!!

Use the below templates to spread awareness against Corona, print and paste the same to your Home Doors, Notice Boards, Shops and Neighborhood. There is a space to keep your name as well, see the below:

Read more about #ComicsAgainstCorona and our initiative on public awareness by clicking on the same – “Corona Awareness

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