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5 Reasons to Watch – Bloodshot Movie


By Guest Author Mr. Shambhu Nath Mahto

We all love superhero movies, don’t we? From last 2 decades we have many superhero movies and now it’s a trend in Hollywood, Bollywood and everywhere even in equally popular web stream portal like Netflix, Amazon and similar other Apps!

Superhero & fantasy based genre movie has taken the world of entertainment by storm after Marvel “Avengers: Endgame”, DC “ Justice League”, Netflix “Arrow Series”, recently like “ The Witcher” and many more like the upcoming valiant universe #Bloodshot.

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But there are always some reasons to watch new superhero movie from largely unknown comic’s publisher, yes we are talking about the entry of valiant comics character Bloodshot movie, Starring “Vin Diesel”. Not everyone knew about Bloodshot, but having “Bloodshot” movie trailer released in last month was still making audience curious and pondering why should they watch the Bloodshot movie in theaters.


Ok. We will help you to figure it out!

Here are 5 reasons to watch “Bloodshot” movie on 13th march 2020 in theatres!

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1. REASON ONE: Best seller Comics of its time. Yes, if you believe in the data and huge fan base of Valiant comics Bloodshot was an instant hit in comics market in 90s in West. So obviously character & story was good enough to sell off the comics, so the movie too.

2. REASON TWO:  Its Vin Diesel after all. Yes we love to watch Riddick, Fast and Furious movie series and Babylon … right? If you are a Vin Diesel fan then you have to watch bloodshot too. It has Hollywood actors like Sam Heughan and Guy Pearce in lead. Also watch it for sexy & Hot actress Eiza Gonzalez!

3. REASON THREE: Get into new Valiant Comics Cinematic Universe (Possibilities). Yes its first movie from Valiant Comics so watch it to get an introduction to Valiant Superhero Universe. Bloodshot is a key superhero character. Get the KEY!

4. REASON FOUR: Love action? Just watch it for action, science fiction and awesome VFX. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Colombia Pictures have made a masterpiece!

5. REASON FIVE: Get refreshed; get out of mainstream superheroes…yes. Valiant Comics posed a biggest competition in 90’s to the giants like Marvel Comics and DC comics. Have some flavor out of the mainstream superheroes characters and movies whose comics become hot cakes in 90s . You are lucky to watch them in 2020 as the movie unlike their 90s fan who wanted it in 90’s. So be ready to watch it.

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Also, its 2020 peoples and you are getting bloodshot movie in this year because it ought to be in 2020 only. Want to know why? Watch the YouTube video above and you will be amazed to know a crazy ” fan theory ” about why Bloodshot released in 2020? And don’t forget to subscribe COMIX THEORY LIVE YouTube channel for out of the box info and facts on comics and superhero movies content.

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