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Batman Facts: Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”


How Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” Redefined the Superhero Genre

Almost 15 years ago today, Christopher Nolan released the second installment of the DC Comics character ‘The Dark Knight’. The film featured several characters from the Batman comics, including Bruce Wayne (Batman), Alfred, Lucius Fox, Rachel Dawes, Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Dent (Two Face), and the Joker.

The Dark Knight - Batman

The story revolves around these characters and how the Joker, with his sharp intelligence, makes them a part of his game. Harvey, Commissioner, and Batman also get entangled here, and they do not understand until the end that the main player of this game is “The Joker”. With a rating of 9 on IMDb, it is a step ahead of any film released in the ‘superhero’ genre to date.

The Dark Knight - Batman

Christopher Nolan has breathed life into the entire film with his direction. The characters have also proved by their acting that behind any successful film, not only special effects but a good story and strong actors are equally needed; otherwise, all these formulas get old in a few days.

The Dark Knight x Batman The Animated Series

The Joker outwits ‘Harvey, Gordon, and Batman’ and plots to sabotage their Gotham City crime prevention plan. Succeeds in destroying Wayne’s life and snatching away his best friends. Viewers and Batman fans can watch this psychological and action thriller again and again. In the above Images, Artist LJ on Instagram has rendered it as ‘Batman: The Animated Series, and readers who are familiar with the film will surely be able to connect with these illustrations.

Batman the Dark Knight 1: Knight Terrors

Batman the Dark Knight 1: Knight Terrors

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