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The Violated Chapter 3 Infestation – Graphic Novel – Indie Press


Grab your Copy for ‘The Violated Chapter 3: Infestation’ by Somya Das.

The Hierophant Entertainment and writer Somya Das are back with the third installment of his gripping psychological thriller series, “The Violated: Chapter 3 – Infestation.” This six-part graphic novel series continues to captivate readers, with its latest chapter recently released by Indie Press. The first and second parts were published by The Write Order Publication(Now Indie Press), and Somya Das has been masterfully twisting the reader’s minds with each installment. As the story progresses, Dr. Mason finds himself caught in a dilemma, struggling to distinguish between what is real and what’s not!!. Get ready for a mind-boggling journey as you turn the pages of “The Violated: Chapter 3 – Infestation.”

The Violated 3.0 - Infestation
The Violated 3.0 – Infestation

his third installment not only continues the enthralling narrative but also introduces an additional variant cover drawn by the esteemed Indian comic book artist Mr. Anupam Sinha. This variant cover is a brilliant piece of art, even resembling the face of Raj Comics fan-favorite superhero – “Super Commando Dhruv”.

The Violated 3.0 - Infestation - Variant Cover By Anupam Sinha
The Violated 3.0 – Infestation – Variant Cover By Anupam Sinha

With 44 pages of intense storytelling, “Infestation” is priced at 175 rupees and is available in English on Amazon and other booksellers. The concept of “Violated” is a unique exploration in Indian comics, with the depth to shatter your imagination. Be sure to applaud Somya Das for crafting such a magnificent graphic novel. Cheers – Comics Byte!!

Amazon Purchase Link: The Violated 3.0: Infestation

The Violated Chapter 01: Visitants

The Violated Chapter 01: Visitants
The Violated
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