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The Violated Chapter 01- Graphic Novel – The Write Order


Exploring the Parallels: Comparing Spiritualism and Psychiatry in Chapter of “The Violated” By The Write Order

Hello to Everyone. Since “The Write Order” entered the realm of comic books and graphic novels, readers are seeing comics and graphic novels of new flavors. Professor Ashwatthama (Cheeseburger Comics) and Ramayana (Vimanika Comics) are the few names wherein the name of the write order appears. They are now back with the latest graphic novel called “The Violated.” It was written by Soumya Das, a consultant by profession who also loves to write fiction. He writes and creates new stories in his free time. He enjoys painting and creating personalized action figures in addition to this. He self-published his debut novel, “The Violated” on Amazon, and which is currently being published through The Writer Order as well. According to the material that is currently available, it’s a six-part physiological thriller and also has paranormal occurrences. It is available on Amazon and other Online shops for purchase.

The Violated - Chapter One - The Write Order
The Violated – Chapter One – The Write Order

The Violated costs Rs. 175/- and comprises 28 pages. However, Amazon is currently offering a fantastic deal where you can get it for just Rs 133/- only. Even the second chapter, which is also available with chapter one on Amazon Kindle, can be read there. The language is ‘English’.

The Violated - Chapter One - The Write Order - Back Cover
The Violated – Chapter One – The Write Order

The Violated – Chapter One – Plot

When a 19th Century mild-mannered physician returns to Whitby, England from his stay at colonial India, to assist his friend with his scientific investigation into the human mind he finds that the patient he is supposed to treat for multiple personality disorder is not a run-of-the-mill case but a case involving supernatural elements. Will he be able to unravel the mystery behind the spirits haunting an asylum inmate or will he fall prey to the insanity himself? The story piches Victorian era spiritualism against Edwardian era psychiatry.

Amazon Purchase Link: The Violated Chapter 1

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