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“Marvel’s Fantastic Four: Spreading Love and Superhero Vibes!”


Love is in the air with Marvel’s Fantastic Four! 


 Valentine’s Day Special with the ultimate power couple and more. #FantasticValentines

Marvel Studios announced today the new cast for the Fantastic Four. According to Marvel, Pedro Pascal will portray the superhero scientist ‘Mr. Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic,’ Vanessa Kirby will take on the role of ‘Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman,’ Moss-Bachrach will play ‘Ben Grimm aka The Thing,’ and Joseph Quinn will portray ‘Johnny Storm aka Human Torch.’ Many moviegoers have been eagerly anticipating this news, wondering when Marvel would begin production after acquiring the rights to Fantastic Four. The casting seems fitting for modern times, and fans have high expectations.

Marvel Studios Fantastic 4 - Cast
Marvel Studios Fantastic 4 – Cast

Previously, in ‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness’, the character Mr. Fantastic, portrayed by actor John Krasinski, briefly appeared and was killed instantly by Scarlet Witch. It was more like a fan service, however multiverse is very unpredictable.

Marvel Studios Fantastic 4
Marvel Studios Fantastic 4

Marvel Studios also released images of the Fantastic Four in celebration of Valentine’s Day, featuring all these characters. Interestingly, the team includes the Power Couple of Marvel Comics, adding a special touch to this Valentine’s Day announcement.

Marvel Studios Fantastic 4 Announcement
Marvel Studios Fantastic 4 Announcement

Fantastic Four has had two movies in the 2000s and a reboot in 2015. While the first two films did well at the box office, the 2015 reboot was a major failure. Even comic book readers didn’t like it. Currently, Marvel Studios is facing some challenges, aside from “GOTG Vol 3 and Loki Season 2,” but the trailer for ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ has generated excitement among fans, suggesting a promising future. The Fantastic Four film is expected to be released around July 2025. Hopefully, fans won’t be let down again. Thank you – Comics Byte!

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection Vol. 1

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman - The Complete Collection Vol. 1
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