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The Epic Story-line of Mahabharata and 300, both the graphic novels are awesome hardcovers and has epic battles in it, you can not ask for more! A must read for History and Action lovers in the comics/graphic novel format.

Artwork of ACK Mahabharata was drawn by Indian studio famously known as by the name of Kadam studios (For their astonishing work in Maharavan Series published by Raj Comics) while the artwork of 300 is simply flawless and drawn by none other than Frank Miller. Like seriously, they made a movie out of it which was a blockbuster hit on the big screen. Even they received 3 “Eisner” awards for the epic story-line, artwork and coloring.

ACK Mahabharata (Vintage edition)

But why I am mixing both the books together? Well, there is a reason behind that, as I purchased both of them together and they follow the similar footprints – “Good Win Over Evil” & “Epic Battles”. However, there is a major difference in both the books where 300 is pure fiction while ACK Mahabharata was depicting the glorious history of India. The “Mahabharata” will be always close to my heart as it recites the life lessons from Epic “Gita” (Chapter in Mahabharata) and navigates people to follow the correct path.

300 (Hardcover)

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2 thoughts on “From My Library – Mahabharata and 300

  • March 6, 2020 at 10:51 pm

    300 is not fiction
    It is more real than mahabhart
    Look for battle of thermopylae on Google
    As an indian I know that mahabharat is real but we don’t have any physical proofs but Battle of Thermopylae was quite recent too like 2300years ago
    Second movie is fictional by the way

    • March 7, 2020 at 2:51 am

      Thanks for your valuable input Kanak, we’ll check the fact again.


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