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 ‘Dante Is Back!’ In The New Anime Series ‘Devil May Cry’ on Netflix

Popular video game franchise “Devil May Cry” is renowned for its elegant and intense action gameplay. It was created by renowned video game developer Capcom and produced by Hideki Kamiya. The original game in the series, “Devil May Cry,” was released in 2001, and since then it has grown into a popular brand with a number of sequels 2,3,4, a ‘Reboot’ in the year 2013 and recent installment Devil May Cry 5 in 2019.

Devil May Cry 5 - PS 5 - Video Game
Devil May Cry 5 – PS 5 – Video Game

It was also released as a comic book, which is regrettably still unfinished, but Netflix and Adi Shankar are planning to transform it into its original anime version, which will be made available on the streaming platform very soon.

Devil May Cry 3 - Dante, Lady And Virgil
Devil May Cry 3 – Dante, Lady And Virgil

The game is still popular among the gamer’s and fans kept praising the series for what it added to the action game category. They praised its advanced fighting, appealing characters, and intriguing fusion of supernatural and gothic aspects.

Fans are expressing their happiness in various social media platforms over the return of their favorite swordsman/gunslinger and express hope that one day the comic book series will also be “Rebooted.” It was also adapted into a Manga form, which was well-liked by the comic book communities or shall I say Stylish!!!!!! Regards – Comics Byte!!

Devil May Cry - Animated Series
Devil May Cry – Animated Series

Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergu

Devil May Cry The Chronicles of Vergu
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