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Defeat Corona Virus With “Chota Bheem”



Friends, the outbreak of Corona virus continues consistently, India is united as a country and fighting this epidemic. The arrival of medicines is still in doubt and there is no permanent cure available at this point of time. Only the awareness of common citizen can save them from this disease. The team of Doctors and Corona Warriors are doing very challenging work, heartfelt gratitude to all of them but we also have some responsibility as a citizen.

Chota Bheem Thank You

In such a situation, MyGov Corona Hub has brought some cut outs and comic strip of Chota Bheem which has been made by Greengold Animation Pvt Ltd which is also famous for extracting the comics and animation of Chota Bheem. So let’s see what Chota Bheem is saying to all of us.

Hand Wash

The simplest way to stay protected from COVID-19 infection is frequent hand washing. Follow these easy and simple handwashing steps to #DefeatCoronaVirus

Chota Bheem 
Handwashing Steps

Did you know that Soap is the biggest enemy of Coronavirus? Wash your hands regularly & take other precautionary steps to keep COVID-19 infection at bay. #IndiaFightsCorona

Way Of Greeting

Stay protected against the Coronavirus – wash your hands thoroughly and take all the precautionary measures. Avoid handshakes, greet people in the Traditional way! 

Chota Bheem
Traditional Way Of Greeting
Social Distancing

Maintain a social distance of at least 1 metre from others as it is the most effective way to fight against COVID-19. Follow all the precautionary measures to protect yourself from Coronavirus.

Chota Bheem
Social Distancing

While you are at home during COVID-19 Lockdown, WHO recommends everyone to follow an exercise plan in order to stay active and fit. Are you already following an exercise plan? Visit Press Information Bureau – PIB, Government of India for more details.

Chota Bheem 
Avoid Crowded Place

Practice social distancing and protect yourself from COVID-19. Stay alert, Stay Safe! 

Chota Bheem
Avoid Crowded Place
Stay Home, Leave When Necessary With Precautions

Bheem is setting new milestones for everyone when it comes to taking precautionary steps to fight against COVID-19. 

The above info and images are taken from MyGov Corona Hub and it is developed for the awareness from Coronavirus by Greengold Animation Pvt Ltd. Remember – ‘Caution is protection’. Regards – Comics Byte!

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Chota Bheem Comics

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A passionate comics lover and an avid reader, I wanted to contribute as much as I can in this industry. Hence doing my little bit here. Cheers!

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