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Vimanika Comics – Shiva – The Legend Of Immortal – Jalandhar – Pre Order


Victory of Righteousness (dharma) Over Arrogance And Evil – Vimanika Comics Presents “Shiva – The Legend Of Immortal – Jalandhar”

“Jalandhar” was a powerful demon king, who’s wife was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu and he received a blessing that made him almost unbeatable. His arrogance led him to oppose the gods and even make an effort to forcibly wed Parvati, Wife of Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu deceived Jalandhar’s wife Vrinda by destroying the source of his power via clever tactics, then Lord Shiva defeated and killed him in a battle to re-establish the universe’s balance and emphasis the triumph of good over evil. Pre-orders for “Shiva – The Legend Of Immortal – Jalandhar” are currently open on the Vimanika Comics website.

Vimanika Comics - Shiva - The Legend Of Immprtal - Jalandhar
Vimanika Comics – Shiva – The Legend Of Immprtal – Jalandhar

Pre-Order Link: Shiva – The Legend Of Immortal – Jalandhar


Jalandhar, a fearless warrior and a master of illusions, became the ruler of Asuras. He was born of Shiva’s fury and trained by the legendary Shukracharya. Indra and the other Devas are shocked to know that their defender, Lord Vishnu and his wife, Goddess Lakshmi, are staying as guests in Jalandhar’s kingdom. Why did he choose to fight Lord Shiva? Will he succeed in tricking Lord Shiva and succeed in his wicked plans? Or will the conflict lead to his doom? Check out the exciting, high-octane graphic novel with a riveting storyline.

Mahashiv Puraan In Graphic Novel – Vimanika Comics

You can book the fourth graphic novel in the “Shiva – The Legend Of Immortal” series on the Vimanika Comics website, and it costs just 299 rupees only. Vimanika Comics has also released three graphic novels based on the Mahashiv Puran in the past. Readers can find reviews of the three previously published graphic novels in Hindi under our Comics Byte review section. Har Har Mahadev! Regards – Comics Byte!!

Shiva Trilogy - Vimanika Comics
Shiva Trilogy – Vimanika Comics

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