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The Wedding – Batman And Catwoman – DC Comics


Wedding of The Century – Batman and Catwoman Ties The Knot!

Batman and Catwoman intend to wed and the story centers on their preparations and features members of the Gotham City Super Villains and the Bat Family. The Joker escalates his threat level as the wedding day approaches and tries to put an end to it. Will he be successful? Read the ‘The Wedding‘ to know more!

Batman - The Wedding - DC Comics
Batman – The Wedding – DC Comics

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The Wedding is a collection of Batman Volume 3 and collects the below comic books:

  • Batman (Volume 3) #45 (The Gift, Part 1)
  • Batman (Volume 3) #46 (The Gift, Part 2)
  • Batman (Volume 3) #47 (The Gift, Finale)
  • Batman (Volume 3) #48 (The Best Man, Part 1)
  • Batman (Volume 3) #49 (The Best Man, Finale)
  • Batman (Volume 3) #50 (The Wedding of Batman & Catwoman)
Batman - Catwoman
Batman – Catwoman


“Batman Vol. 7: The Wedding,” Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) are preparing to get married. However, their plans take a twist when time-traveling hero Booster Gold shows up with a dangerous mission. The Joker, Batman’s enemy, also wants to be part of the wedding, leading to potential chaos. This collection features stories from Batman #45-50 and DC Nation #0, with various talented artists contributing to the comic. It’s a significant event in the Batman universe that could change the characters lives forever.


Tom King expertly explores the emotional depth of Batman and Catwoman’s relationship in “The Wedding,” exposing their vulnerabilities and fears. By demonstrating that these people are truly human beneath their heroic appearances, this adds richness to the narrative. The gloomy and atmospheric nature of Gotham City is expertly depicted in Mikel Jann’s artwork, and the wedding scene is highly detailed, serving as a visually stunning center stage of the story.


Last but not least, “The Wedding” is a remarkable and emotional arc that addresses the connection between Batman and Catwoman. It’s an important chapter in the history of Batman, and the tale had a big impact on the characters and the Batman’s history.

Batman: The Bat and the Cat 80 Years of Romance

Batman: The Bat and the Cat 80 Years of Romance

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