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Phantom – The Mexican Saga – Shakti Comics


The Adventures Of Phantom in Mexico now available in a collected edition from Shakti Comics!

The Phantom Mexican Saga is a collection of previously released Phantom Comics. In this story, ‘The Phantom’ flies to Mexico and sees a old friend who works as a police chief in the Mexican city of ‘Ciudad Jardin’. The city is facing a big problem with criminal gangs getting involved in the drug trade, and The Phantom steps in to help. In the second issue of the story, The Phantom goes to China to rescue two boys who were kidnapped by The Ten Tigers Gang. Then, in the third issue, he returns to Mexico to deal with the Ten Tigers Gang and clear them out of the country. The adventure unfolds as the story progresses.

Phantom Mexican Saga - Shakti Comics
Phantom Mexican Saga – Shakti Comics

The list of Phantom issues included in the collected edition is below:

  • A Dente With Crime
  • Den of Tigers
  • Phantom in Mexico

The comic will have 80 pages and will cost Rs 399; however, it is presently on sale for Rs 349 on the website of Shakti Comics. Main Cover Art By Artist Avishek Biswas and Ankit Mitra. The story is written by Tony DePaul, and the internal artwork by Paul Ryan is really well-done, with lots of attention to detail. Readers can anticipate a gripping story full of high-octane action as The Phantom battles crime and the bad guys in various locations.

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Phantom - Mexican Saga
Phantom – Mexican Saga

Get this exciting collectors edition from Shakti Comics Website or buy from various other bookstores or distribution partners from all over the country. Signing Out Phans! Enjoy The Book – Comics Byte!!

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