Regal Comics – The Phantom – Issue Number 36


“The Legend Returns: Brace Yourself as The Phantom, ‘The Ghost Who Walks,’ Resumes His Vigil to Protect Not Just Bengali, but the Entire World!”

Greetings, dear friends! Regal Publishers recently unveils the inaugural Phantom comic of 2024, wherein the Phantom endeavors to prevent a global menace. Regal Comics delighted to announce that the Pre-Orders for Phantom Issue No. 36 are now open. Mark your calendars for the release on March 30, 2024!

Regal Comics - Phantom Issue No. 36
Regal Comics – Phantom Issue No. 36
Phantom Card

The comic is priced at Rs 200 and contains 32 pages. This edition showcases the collaboration between Phantom’s creator, Lee Falk, and comic book icon Sy Barry. The captivating main cover is crafted by artist Abhilash Chacko, and the comic will be published in English. The free supplement with this issue is Phantom Card

Story Details

How The Phantom Saved The Earth Written by Lee Falk and Art by Sy Barry

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The Phantom Strips
The Phantom Strips

Phantom No. 1-6 Paperback

Phantom No. 1-6 Paperback
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