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Marvel Comics – All Stars


Let’s See Who Will Figure Out All Of Them!

Marvel Comics All Stars – An amazing huge ‘4ft x 4ft’ poster launched in the year 1988 featuring so many ‘Marvel’ superheroes and villains in it. I have never seen such a piece, it is beautiful, astonishing and amazing just like our Spider-Man. The image was shared by one of the Instagram user named – ‘barnstormvintage’ and I’ll be very thankful to him for the share.

Eighties and Nineties Era have lots of good stuff novelties, posters, stickers, magnets. They are good in every aspect of quality. Artwork like this is very rare to see, I too have 1 comic page which is drawn in a similar manner but it only covered faces. However, here you can see the full body posture of all the listed characters. I am literally zooming it out and figuring the names. How many you got?

Pro tip – Zoom In!

Marvel Comics
All Stars
Superheroes and Villains
Marvel Comics
All Stars
Superheroes and Villains

This is it guys, do check the absolutely stunning Marvel Encyclopedia for A-Z information about Marvel.

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