Superman #9: To Laugh And Die In Metropolis And Metropolis 900 Miles


Superman is not just the hero of America but of the entire world. He has consistently endeavored to shield his city, Metropolis, America, and Earth from threats. In this mission, he receives unwavering support at every step from his Daily Planet friends Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, and assistance from his friends in the Justice League of America (Like Batman, Wonder Woman & The Flash). Superman #9 was released by DC Comics in 1987 and was subsequently reprinted in India by Gotham Comics. This particular issue, Superman #9, originally published in 1999, holds the distinction of being the sixth installment in the Superman series by Gotham Comics.


DC Comics – Superman – To Laugh And Die In Metropolis

People are shocked to suddenly see Superman at the Diamond Exchange in Metropolis. They inquire about the reason for his presence, but he remains silent. Instead of answering their questions, a sinister smile appears on his face. Meanwhile, reporter Clark Kent, seated at the Daily Planet, engages in a conversation with his colleague Lois Lane about a package. Suddenly, he senses something, a signal compelling him to intervene as Superman and avert some approaching evil. Outside the Diamond Exchange, the two Supermen collide. To everyone’s surprise, the Superman with a smiling face reveals himself to be a robot. This mechanical impostor has steal a valuable diamond known as the ‘Star of Zaharain’ from the Exchange.

Superman 9 - To Laugh And Die In Metropolis - Gotham Comics
Superman 9 – To Laugh And Die In Metropolis – Gotham Comics

The Superman robot cleverly removes the arm which is carrying the diamond and shoots it in a particular direction before Superman can step in. At the same time, Superman discovers that it contains explosives, which is ready to detonate and could level Metropolis in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the notorious Joker has made his way into the metropolis, forsaking Gotham City and causing chaos in Metropolis. To worsen the situation, the Joker seized control of multiple reporters from the Daily Planet Media and abducted them which includes Lois & Jimmy.

Superman 9 - To Laugh And Die In Metropolis - DC Comics
Superman 9 – To Laugh And Die In Metropolis – DC Comics

Will Superman manage to prevent the impending explosion of the bomb? And who will rescue Lois and her friends from the Joker’s authority? Find out by reading ‘To Laugh And Die In Metropolis.’

DC Comics – Superman – Metropolis 900 Miles

Lex Luthor is seated in a restaurant located 900 miles away from Metropolis, attended by a waitress named Jenny Hubbard. While the other waitresses are aware of Lex Luthor’s wealth, Jenny remains oblivious to his identity. Lex proposes to Jenny to accompany him to Metropolis, a proposition she declines. In an attempt to entice her, Lex dangles a tempting offer of $1 million. Despite Jenny’s repeated refusals, Lex finally persuades her by revealing her entire history and unfulfilled wishes.

Metropolis 900 Miles - DC Comics
Metropolis 900 Miles – DC Comics

Jenny is extraordinarily attractive, and she excelled academically while attending college. She often dreamed of leaving her hometown to pursue her dreams and kept thinking about the city of Metropolis, which is 900 miles away. However, those dreams never materialized. Currently, she finds herself working as a waitress in a hotel, having married a football player from her college. Unfortunately, her husband struggles with alcoholism and works in a garage.

Metropolis 900 Miles - Lex Luthor & Jenny Hubbard
Metropolis 900 Miles – Lex Luthor & Jenny Hubbard

Lex gives Jenny ten minutes to wait in his car and Jenny tells her friends about Lex’s offer, which she thought was very cheap, but her friends saw no harm in it. Was Jenny able to take this decision? And why did Lex make such an offer to Jenny? Lex is a cruel, infamous and mean-spirited villain and this story proves it! This is explained well in the last page of ‘Metropolis 900 Miles‘.


This is a one-shot comic book featuring Superman that was included by Wizard Magazine in its Top 100 Superman Comic Books of All-Time. This comic also marked the debut of Metropolis Star reporter Toby Raynes.

Superman 9 - To Laugh And Die In Metropolis - Panels
Superman 9 – To Laugh And Die In Metropolis – Panels

In this particular story, Batman’s archenemy ‘The Infamous Joker’, tries to divert Superman with his trademark trickery and humor. However, the comic book shows Superman’s persistence and determination. The story explores the legendary superhero’s unshakable dedication to justice and his ability to withstand even the most cunning schemes.

Superman: The Man of Steel Vol 2

Superman - The Man of Steel Vol 2
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