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From Comic Strip to Silver Screen: Garfield’s Latest Animated Film “The Garfield Movie”


The World’s Laziest Cat Stars In A Fresh, Fun-Filled Animated “The Garfield” Movie!

When you think of Garfield, you envision an orange cat who is grumpy, lazy, and dislikes activity. His owner, Jon Arbuckle, adores him, and they live with a dog named Odie. An animated film titled “The Garfield Movie” was released worldwide on May 17, 2024. This is Garfield’s third movie and the first in animated format. Have you ever read Garfield comic strips or heard about Garfield the Cat?

The Garfiled Movie - Animated
The Garfiled Movie – Animated

Garfield’s creator is the legendary cartoonist Jim Davis, who has been drawing Garfield comic strips for nearly five decades. These syndicated strips appear in over 2,500 newspapers worldwide. The series has achieved a significant milestone, being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most published syndicated comic strips.

Garfield And Odie - Comic Strip By Jim Davis
Garfield And Odie – Comic Strip By Jim Davis

In this 1-hour and 41-minute animated movie, Garfield meets his father, Vic, and embarks on an exciting journey with him. Garfield is voiced by Chris Pratt, known for his role as Marvel’s Star-Lord, while Vic is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, famous for playing Nick Fury in the MCU. The film is produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures. Directed by Mark Dindal and produced by John Cohen, this movie is a real treat for Garfield fans.

The Garfield Movie - In Cinema's Now
The Garfield Movie – In Cinema’s Now

Garfield is a beloved character, famous in many countries, much like ‘The Phantom.’ Thanks to its newspaper publication, Garfield has a vast reach. Both the daily and Sunday strips have become quite popular. Beyond comics, Garfield has expanded into movies, animation, toys, and now, even a game is being launched.

The Garfiled And  Jon Arbuckle
The ‘Little’ Garfiled And Jon Arbuckle – The Garfield Movie

This is a family film that can be enjoyed with both family and children. Interestingly, the movie was released in India before its US debut, with the US release scheduled for May 24th. Enjoy Garfield comic strips and the movie. Cheers – Comics Byte!!

Garfiled, Odie And His Dad Vic
Garfiled, Odie And His Dad Vic

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