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Essential Graphic Novels Series – DC Comics: Batman – The Killing Joke

In a unique move, DC Comics tells the story of the Joker in “The Killing Joke“, showing why he’s a dangerous foe for Batman, even without any superpowers. They’ve made a Joker movie which is inspired a lot by this Graphic Novel. It is designed for a mature audience aged 18+ and above. The comic book also explores the Joker’s insanity and he becomes a significant threat to Batman and his allies. This book proves he’s a total Psychopath & Maniac!!

Batman - The Killing Joke - Deluxe Edition
Batman – The Killing Joke – Deluxe Edition

This is a must have in the Essential Graphic Novels Series if you want to experience a dark and unique story. There is also a Killing Joke at the end of the graphic novel for which you will have to read it. This graphic novel is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and many other formats.

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Plot: Batman – The Killing Joke

“Batman: The Killing Joke” is a well-known comic book created by The Great ‘Alan Moore’ and Artist ‘Brian Bolland’. Released in 1988, the story revolves around Batman and the Joker. The Joker’s actions lead to a tense situation involving Commissioner Gordon and his daughter ‘Barbara Gordon’. As Batman confronts the Joker, the comic explores deep themes like the impact of challenging experiences on people’s lives and how that can change everything.

Absolute Batman -The Killing Joke - 30th Anniversary Edition
Absolute Batman -The Killing Joke – 30th Anniversary Edition

Recommendation – Why & Why Not!!

Why: The graphic novel is praised for its thought provoking narrative and compelling artwork by comic book artist Brian Bolland. It reflects on the choices characters make and the thin line between right and wrong. Despite some controversy over its content, especially for certain scenes, “The Killing Joke” remains a significant part of Batman’s legacy. It’s recommended for those interested in a darker and more complex side of the Batman universe.

Why Not: Mature Theme, Dark & Explicit Content!

Batman Noir - The Killing Joke
Batman Noir – The Killing Joke

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