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Alpha Comics: Fresh Innings from a Vintage Group!


Unveiling Alpha Comics: A New Era in Comic Book Storytelling!

Alpha Comics

Welcome to the exciting world of Alpha Comics Studios, where imagination has no limits and engaging storytelling and vibrant pictures bring stories to life. They offer a portal to a world of creativity, adventure, and craftsmanship. It’s more than just a comic book publishing company.


Alpha Comics Studios

In ‘Alpha Comics’ Studios, they imagine a world in which story transcend the page, tales are made of heroes and villains, and readers of every age are taken to realms beyond their imaginations. The objective is to be more than just a publication and they want to be an inspiration to fans globally. It’s a platform for artists to showcase their abilities and an engine for creativity. Whether you are a seasoned comic book reader or an outsider eager to learn more about the world of sequential art, Alpha Comics Studios cordially welcomes you to take an incredibly exciting adventure. Give yourself over to worlds that spark the imagination, inspiring characters, and heartfelt stories. Come along with them as they extend the scope of a comics publishing company and test the limits of storytelling. Alpha Comics will be unveiled at Bengaluru Comic Con where its first two issues will be released. Pre-orders of Alpha Comics are also now available from booksellers.

Alpha Comics - Pre Order
Alpha Comics – Pre Order

At the moment, the combo offer’s discounted price of Rs 700 and it contains two comics which is going to be released in “English”.

Alpha Comics - Operation Ganga - Front & Back
Alpha Comics – Operation Ganga

Agent J in Operation Ganga, This comic/graphic novel has 104 pages and is priced at Rs 499. It is created and written by Saahil S Sharma and the artwork is by Spandan Gogoi. The entire team of Raj Comics by Sanjay Gupta Studio is also with him. The Chief Editor of Alpha Comics is Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Creative Head is Vasu Gupta and Marketing Head is Manasvi Gupta.

Alpha Comics - Operation Ganga - Credits
Alpha Comics – Operation Ganga – Credits

The Adventure of Chahal Pahal has 56 pages and is priced at Rs 299. This too has been written by Sahil S Sharma and its artwork has been done by Ujjwal Bhargava.

Alpha Comics - The Adventure Of Chahal Pehal
Alpha Comics – The Adventure Of Chahal Pehal

Many more new characters and characters are going to be seen in Alpha Comics. The team of new talent and old artists are making a great effort together and the readers are also going to get to read something different from the norm. Readers and fans visiting Bengaluru Comic Con can get autographed copies of it from Sanjay Gupta and Saahil Sharma. This event is being organized there for 3 days.

Bengaluru Comic Con - Saahil S Sharma

According to known information, Alpha Comics will also be published in Hindi language, so Hindi speaking readers should not be disappointed. Because this publication also bears the name of Sanjay Gupta, a well-known figure in the comics industry as “Main Comics Hoon,” readers have high expectations from it. Are you eager to read Alpha Comics and what is your opinion about it? Do let us know in your comments, thanks – Comics Byte!!

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