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Ads from the Golden Age: A Nostalgic Look at ‘Indrajal Comics’ Issue #173


Vintage Ads from “Indrajal Comics” Issue #173

Indrajal Comics holds a special place in the hearts of comic enthusiasts, especially those who grew up reading the thrilling adventures of The Phantom. Today, we take a trip down memory lane with Indrajal Comics Issue #173, published by the Times of India, which features the unique story, “Return of the Golden Comet.” This issue is particularly memorable not only for its captivating narrative but also for the delightful vintage advertisements that graced its pages.

Indrajal Comics - Return Of The Golden Comet
Indrajal Comics – Return Of The Golden Comet

The Charm of Vintage Ads

This issue of Indrajal Comics showcases a variety of nostalgic ads, featuring some of the most beloved brands from our childhood. Among them are:

  • Cadbury GEMS: A colorful and delightful ad that brings back the sweet memories of enjoying these chocolate candies.
  • Parle Poppins: A vibrant ad for the classic lozenges that have been a favorite across generations.

A Unique Comic Strip for Forhans Toothpaste

One of the standout features in this issue is a unique comic strip advertisement for Forhans toothpaste, cleverly tied to the theme of cricket. With the T20 World Cup around the corner, this is the perfect time to share this charming strip with our esteemed readers, blending the excitement of cricket with the nostalgia of vintage comics.

Indrajal Comics - Return Of The Golden Comet - Forhan's Ad
Indrajal Comics – Return Of The Golden Comet – Forhan’s Ad

All images are courtesy of the Indrajal Comics Group, preserving the legacy of these timeless treasures (Comics PDF’s and Full Images). So, sit back and enjoy a blast from the past as we revisit the iconic ads from Indrajal Comics Issue #173. Relive the golden era of comics and advertising, and let these nostalgic visuals transport you back to a simpler, yet wonderfully vibrant time. Cheers – Comics Byte!!

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Phantom No. 1-6 Paperback – Regal Comics

Phantom No. 1-6 Paperback - Regal Comics

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