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12 Best ‘Jim Lee’ Pin Ups for Comic Book Auctions (Batman Universe)


Hello Friends, as I told you in one of the previous posts that Comic Book Artists in America is organizing an online ‘Comic Book Auction’ to compensate the ‘Comic Book Stores’ for the loss from Corona pandemic which will help them in some measures. Meanwhile, the initiative is being seen on ‘eBay’, where fans can either buy a sketch by comic book artist’s of their favorite comics character or give them a sketch to make of their own choice. The money will be deposited to #comicbookunitedfund and accordingly used for the betterment of comic book shops.

Jim Lee is the pivot of this initiative and he has added many of his friends to this initiative as well. By the way, I like Jim Lee’s art a lot (since I read ‘Hush’ in Gotham comics) and it is very difficult to choose a special ‘pin up’ from so many artworks. But still I will try to display the best artworks here.

All these artworks are made by ‘Jim Lee‘ and are his primary asset. Our only aim is to promote this initiative. You can follow Jim on ‘Facebook’.

Jim Lee: Facebook Page

Below is the ‘Bonus Art’ in Color

Red Rain By Jim Lee

The team at Comics Byte heartily salute ‘Jim Lee’ for his effort!! Do join the initiative if you wanted to get a copy of Jim’s artwork, Thank you – Comics Byte.

Comics Byte

A passionate comics lover and an avid reader, I wanted to contribute as much as I can in this industry. Hence doing my little bit here. Cheers!

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